Mar 02

Looking for Clues to Find the Owner of the Photos


An interesting note since the first post is the close call regarding these photos. A huge downpour of rain started only a couple hours after picking them all up from the street. If we find the owner, it will be very gratifying to have rescued them from the rain.

We went through the photos.   There is about 150 of them. The lot comprises of mostly shots of people, both posed and events like birthdays (and even a funeral). There are only about five shots of things like landscapes, pets, or objects. Most of the photos are from the 1980’s. There’s a number from the 70s and a few post-millennium.

The main image on this blog post features some of our favorites, mostly because it’s fun to see old photos. The stuffed  animals picture is labeled “my teddys” in an elementary school style cursive on the back. So cute.

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There are only about 20 photos with any names on the back.  If we can find some of these people, they might clue us in on who took or owns the pictures.

We did find two personal effects belonging to people named Oskar and Tonya. If we can find one of them, there’s a good chance they are the owners or know who are.

We’ve left messages with a few people on Facebook that seem to match some of the clues. We also posted on the community forums, craigslist.org, and newspapers for Buena Park and Garden grove.   Stay tuned for any updates.

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