Mar 06

Clue: Photos from Carie Henbest and Michael Paredes to Aunt Crystal and Uncle Danny

Two of the photos addressed to Aunt Crystal from a boy and a girl. The niece is “Carie Age 7, 1977″. There’s a 1988 photo of a Carie Henbest that has the same smile as the aged 7 Carie.

The nephew, Michael Paredes, was born in the first week of January in 1981. He should be 34 years old today. This one is written to Aunt Crystal and an Uncle Danny. There are so many Michael Paredes in Facebook and Linked In. Does anyone know how to filter a search on the social networks by age to find a Michael Paredes age 34?

Does anyone know a Carie Henbest that is about 45 years old today? A quick search on Facebook and the web yielded no good results.

Side note, the photo with Carie (and two guys named Casey and Pat) is one of our favorites also. It’s a dynamic photos and embodies youth, friendship, and the 80’s perfectly.



Carie Henbest, Casey, and Pat 1988 – Click for larger image


Carie Age 7 – 1977 – Click for larger image


Michael Shawn Paredes 7 weeks old, Febrary 21, 1981 – Click for larger image


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