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Mar 20

KCAL9 / CBS2 News: Watch the touching reunion of Tonya with her Photos

As a follow-up to the initial story, Rachel returns to Richard and Kelly’s home to capture the moment the photos are reunited with their owner:  

Mar 20

The Full Story: How Uniting the Owner with Her Photos Happened

We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  The photos have been reunited with their owner, Tonya, thanks to the help of Reporter Rachel Kim of CBS News Los Angeles. We are grateful to Rachel and CBS for carrying our story so that it could reach so many more people.  Here’s how it all happened. …

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Mar 20

Breaking News – Stay tuned! Owner has been found

It’s been a crazy day. After Rachel Kim’s KCAL9 exclusive story aired, a massive chain reaction started when one member of the family, Martha, recognized her cousin and aunt in some of the photos. There was some initial confusion as to which one of the family members was the one who lost the photos, but we …

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Mar 19

Lost Photos Buena Park on KCAL9 network television news

Watch the story of Lost Photos Buena Park as reported by Rachel Kim here on CBS Los Angeles website:

Mar 18

PUPPY LOVE! Do you think this is the same person?

What do you think? Is the school portrait and the puppy hugging woman the same person? There’s no dates on either photo but we are guessing late 70’s and late 90’s based on the photo paper and style. The only problem with that theory is that we estimate the girl to be about 12 years old, …

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Mar 16

Geocaching and an Unexpected Treasure

  In reflecting back to the day we found these family photos, it was a birthday weekend partially spent geocaching. Geocaching is a hobby of ours. It is like a treasure hunt game so it is really interesting that we found this unexpected treasure of photos while seeking an actual hide. Check out this video …

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Mar 12

March 12 Update – Earl Warren Elementary in Garden Grove?

This week we were able to send out a number of messages and letters to some people that might be some of the subjects of the photos. There’s a boy (or may be an adult now) who attended “[Illegible] Warren Elementary School”. It might be Earl Warren Elementary in Garden Grove. Since he may be …

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Mar 02

Looking for Clues to Find the Owner of the Photos

An interesting note since the first post is the close call regarding these photos. A huge downpour of rain started only a couple hours after picking them all up from the street. If we find the owner, it will be very gratifying to have rescued them from the rain. We went through the photos.   There is …

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Feb 22

Someone lost their family photos!

We were out geocaching as a nice, leisurely, “birthday weekend” activity.  After finding the rusty tin hidden behind a guardrail, we saw someone’s school photo blow by.  Then there was another photo. Then another. And as we walked back to the car, we saw at least a dozen more. We picked a few of them up, …

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